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Freezing Motion In Concept Photography - Downtown Toledo Ohio, Senior Model Hannah Kramer

I am so excited to finally show this series of images. These photos were taken for a Photography challenge called “Energy and Motion”.


So when I first though about what I wanted to do, to show movement, I knew it had to be amazing! I tossed a few ideas around in my head, cruised Pinterest, and then threw all those ideas away. None of those ideas were unique enough, challenging enough, or enough fun. I wanted to push myself with this one and do something completely out of the box.  It had to be me……..I am all about fun and laughter. I came upon a few examples of this kind of freeze motion photography. I consulted with a mentor on a few questions and picked up the phone to call Hannah. Can I just say I love my

 seniors! Often times, I will work with them more than once when I get these crazy fun concept shoot ideas. I wanted to capture those “Oh Crap” moments. The ones when you are thinking……”Oh this is not good”!


The way our story went, Hannah is walking home from the store and slips on an innocent little unsuspecting banana peel (bugs bunny style). Her load of groceries fly into the air, and she flails in mid air.  It was cold out. No, like really cold. But wow what a champ Hannah was for me, as always.


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I first had to get a few shots of my background, untouched. I will use this clean slate as a reference and a backdrop to composite the final image. In order for the lighting to match every element in the shot, I had to  shot on location,




In order to pull off the realism of the shot, I had to position Hannah in the correct plain of vision. This required her to be supported by a stool. Trying to make sure none of her clothes were caught under it. We tried a few shots and realized it didn't look realistic enough. Enter my assistant Kyle. He was positioned under where her torso would fall to catch her as I made her actually fall backwards….lol!!

So I finally got a couple shots that were amazing, but those pesky hands on her back would have to go.

Next we fruited it!! Fruit and veggies tossed superman style through the air until I got the right combination and position. Good thing too because those poor apples did not handle the fall well. Followed by the bag of groceries and bread. Now I would like to point out, each image was shot separately and each image had to be lit the same, thanks to my trusty flash assistants. Each element , of each image I liked, had to be carefully cut out, like, really carefully. It had to look real. As each piece was cut out, the sizes were checked to each against each other element and the edges had to be trimmed neatly.


The last part was to add some of my color edits to make it pop and give it some pizzaz. Trust me when I say, we have fun over here!

Here's the final image once again.